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COSTA春季营销主打“讲究”态度导读: COSTA凭借着一如既往优质的咖啡豆原料、小批量缓慢烘焙咖啡豆的坚持,每一杯都由专业咖啡师手工制作的匠心,多年来成为中国消费者购买咖啡的讲究之选。

从1971年在伦敦创建家店铺开始,“让更多的人爱上好咖啡”就成为COSTA品牌不懈的追求。自进入中国市场以来,COSTA凭借着一如既往优质的咖啡豆原料、小批量缓慢烘焙咖啡豆的坚持,每一杯都由专业咖啡师手工制作的匠心,多年来成为中国消费者购买咖啡的讲究之选。Since COSTA opened its first coffee shop in London in 1971, “Inspire the world to love great coffee” has become the unremitting pursuit of COSTA。 Since entering the China market, COSTA has become every coffee perfectionist’s choice over the years。 This is thanks to its selection of high- quality coffee beans, slow roasted in small batches, and delivered through handcrafted cups of coffee by baristas to customers in stores。
全新巴西单品豆带来意式咖啡“讲究”新体验 New Brazilian coffee beans deliver the “discerning” experience of Italian coffee3月起,对于喜欢意式咖啡的消费者,在经典摩卡意大利拼配豆的基础上,COSTA推出了全新甄选巴西单品咖啡豆,此款100%单一产地的阿拉比卡咖啡豆来自巴西塞拉多地区,使用日晒法处理生豆,为咖啡带来更为甘甜平衡的香气,使整体口感香醇顺滑,并伴随着迷人的焦糖和黑巧克力风味。对于消费者来说,无论是喜欢牛奶比例更高的拿铁,还是忠实的美式粉丝,都可以在自己喜欢的咖啡中选择此款单品豆,感受更加讲究的单品豆带来的风味变化。Since this March, COSTA has launched a new type of single origin bean for Italian coffee lovers, which are 100% Arabica beans from Cerrado, Brazil。 The green beans are bathed under the sun to give the coffee a sweeter and more balanced aroma, so that it tastes mellower and silkier with an enchanting flavor of caramel and dark chocolate。 Lovers of Italian coffee, such as Latte or Americano alike can now enjoy their favorite coffee with new Brazilian beans to experience a different aroma and taste。
除了全新巴西单品豆,COSTA还推出了春季限定新品。在春意盎然之季,馥郁香醇的COSTA卡布奇诺带来清新的春日气息。橙香力娇卡布奇诺,口感柔滑平衡,口齿留香,再覆以馨香橙花酱,堪称完美结合。还有重新回归菜单的香草焦糖卡布奇诺,将香草与焦糖风味结合的淋漓尽致,让口感更浓郁顺滑。在天鹅绒般的细腻奶泡上,配上独特的花艺撒粉,呈现完美拉花。COSTA 醇艺白家族还迎来一名新伙伴——摩卡醇艺白,经典醇艺白基底结合黑巧克力粉,些许的水果口感配以丝丝苦感让整个味蕾更富层次,赋予了经典醇艺白不一样的体验。Apart from the new Brazilian coffee beans, COSTA has also launched new limited offer beverages for spring。 The rich and mellow COSTA Cappuccino gives you a refreshing spring feeling。 The Orange blossom Cappuccino is smooth and balanced with a pleasant aftertaste, which is a perfect match with fragrant orange blossom jam。 Following its success, COSTA also relaunched its Vanilla Caramel Cappuccino which combines vanilla and caramel perfectly to make the taste stronger and smoother。 Baristas sprinkle the powder on across the velvet-like silky milk foam to create that perfect latte artwork。 Meanwhile, COSTA Flat White family has a new member—Mocha Flat White。 The chocolate powder is spread all over, while a little bit of fruit flavor plus a hint of bitterness presents a richer taste on the taste bud, allowing you to enjoy a different experience versus their classic flat white。
从豆到杯,百里挑一的“讲究”态度 From bean to cup, COSTA has a “discerning” attitude to choose only the bestCOSTA的“讲究”源于创始人的工匠精神,在经典摩卡意大利配方的选择上,兄弟俩对初咖啡豆的配比进行了多达112次的盲测,才得以终选出口感完美的配方,并延用至今。这种“匠心”得以流传下来,并渗透进COSTA咖啡生产制作的全过程中。COSTA’s “discerning” attitude stems from the founders’ craftsman spirit。 In choosing the right blend for the classic Mocha Italia, the two brothers conducted 112 blind tests before they came up with the perfect brewing beans ratio, which is still in use worldwide today。 This “craftsman spirit” has been continued and incorporated into the whole production process at COSTA coffee。
从1971年至今,COSTA坚持只从符合标准的100%雨林联盟认证的产地购买咖啡豆,在这些咖啡豆中,也只有1%符合COSTA的采购标准,每一颗都是百里挑一。COSTA在伦敦有自己的烘焙坊,并坚持采用咖啡豆的小批量、低温慢速烘焙方式,目的是保留咖啡豆内的天然油分,因为这些油分能够赋予咖啡醇厚的香味与独特的口感。烘焙的过程越慢,咖啡豆的口感就越顺滑,这种正确而非快速的方式保证每一杯制作的咖啡都香浓无比。每一批咖啡豆烘焙后经过COSTA咖啡大师Gennaro Pelliccia和专业团队检测后,方可运至全球门店。Since 1971, COSTA has been purchasing coffee beans from sources that are 100% Rainforest Alliance-certified。 Among those coffee beans, only 1% meets COSTA’s purchasing standards。 COSTA has its own roastery in London, and adheres to small-batch, low-temperature and slow-roasting methods to retain the natural oils in the coffee beans。 This method ensures the very source of the mellow aroma and unique taste of COSTA coffee。 The slower the roasting process is, the smoother the taste of coffee beans will be。 This correct and not fast way of roasting, guarantees that each cup of coffee has unparalleled aroma and richness。 After being roasted, every batch of coffee beans has to be inspected by COSTA’s coffee master Gennaro Pelliccia and his professional team, before being shipped to stores around the world。
每一杯COSTA咖啡都是通过技艺精湛的咖啡师手工制作,磨豆、压粉、萃取、拉花,每一个步骤都需要咖啡师长期和严格的培训来完美呈现,唯有娴熟的技艺才能演绎咖啡的魔法,唯有不妥协于平庸的态度才能够提供“讲究”的咖啡。Each cup of COSTA coffee is prepared by a highly skilled barista, and every step of the process including grinding, extracting and coffee art has to be perfectly finished by the barista according to their long-term and rigorous training。 Only with perfect skills can they make magic with coffee。 And only with an uncompromising attitude can they deliver this “discerning” coffee experience to the customers。
关于COSTAAbout COSTACOSTA始创于1971年伦敦老天堂街,来自意大利的Bruno和Sergio Costa两兄弟秉持着对令人无法抗拒的咖啡的热情,独创出了COSTA特有的摩卡意大利混合咖啡豆,并在伦敦市中心开了他们家咖啡店。COSTA was founded on London’s Old Paradise Street in 1971。 Two brothers from Italy, Bruno Costa and Sergio Costa, passionate about making irresistible coffee, created COSTA’s unique Mocha Italia Blend, and opened their first coffee shop in downtown London。COSTA 40多年来坚持只为顾客提供高品质的咖啡。时至今日,COSTA仍然只精选全球1%的热带雨林联盟咖啡豆,坚持缓慢烘焙以保留迷人香气和油脂,精心调配后的咖啡豆都会经COSTA咖啡大师品鉴后,运送至全球各门店。每一杯咖啡都由专业咖啡师手工制作,冲泡出机器无法表达的温暖心意。Over the past 40+ years, COSTA has been providing only high-quality coffee for customers。 Even today, COSTA still only uses the world’s 1% of the Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee beans。 It also maintains the slow-roasting practice to retain the enchanting aroma and flavour of coffee。 The carefully blended coffee beans must be tasted by COSTA’s coffee master before being shipped to shops around the globe。 Each cup of coffee is prepared by a professional barista to produce a perfect cup of coffee to every customer。
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